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Unlocking the Power of Sri Sukta: USB Audio

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Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD

***All sessions were captured from our HI Campus in Khajuraho, India, as a rare live recording of teachings during a unique group practice of Sri Sukta. Accordingly, the quality is a bit lower than our US production***

Elevate your sadhana in the presence of the Himalayan Institute’s Khajuraho Sri Vidya shrine by practicing and learning with Pandit Rajmani Tigunait in the company of other experienced practitioners. Learn to master and embody the Sri Sukta, and offer the fruits of that practice into the sacred fire each day for collect

The force embodied by the Sri Sukta is central to the goals of Year Long Meditation—a group practice undertaken to nurture and heal our connection to collective consciousness—and this excursion presents a unique opportunity to make a powerful contribution. At a deeper level, our efforts will also strengthen the connection between the Sri Vidya Shrine in Khajuraho and the newly consecrated Sri Vidya Shrine in Honesdale, PA—linking them as sister shrines.

Program Highlights:

  • Group recitation of Sri Sukta 3 times per day (1 ½ hours total).
  • Traditional group practice, purashcharana, with daily fire offering, for awakening Rudra Shakti.
  • Daily lectures by Panditji on the Sri Sukta in the larger context with an emphasis on agni vidya, the science of sacred fire.
  • Daily practice of hatha yoga with an emphasis on pranayama with Himalayan Institute core faculty.
  • Concluding the 12–day practice with Vasudhara, a special practice for infusing our individual and collective minds with the power of discernment, indomitable will, courage, and unquestioning urgency to materialize the priceless gift of Divine Providence buried deep in our own body, mind, and soul.

Purchase your copy today and learn to master and embody the Sri Sukta, and offer the fruits of that practice into the sacred fire each day for collective well-being.

Table of Contents:

SESSION 1—Introduction
SESSION 2—Sri Sukta in the Tantric Tradition of Sri Vidya
SESSION 3—Sri Sukta and the Primordial Pool of Tritari
SESSION 4—Tritari–The Essence of the Yoga Sutra
SESSION 5—Integrating Sri Sukta Into Your Daily Practice
SESSION 6—Formal Practice of Sri Sukta, Stage–1
SESSION 7—Formal Practice of Sri Sukta, Stage–2
SESSION 8—Formal Practice of Sri Sukta, Stage–3
SESSION 9—Unlocking the Mystery of Sri Sukta, Part–1
SESSION 10—Unlocking the Mystery of Sri Sukta, Part–2
SESSION 11—Unlocking the Mystery of Sri Sukta, Part–3
SESSION 12—Sri Sukta Sadhana and Rudra Yaga
SESSION 13—Rudra and Jatavedas Agni
SESSION 14—The Emergence of Sri from Jatavedas
SESSION 15—Seven Aspects of Jatavedas, Part–1 (First half of lecture not recorded)
SESSION 16—Seven Aspects of Jatavedas, Part–2
SESSION 17—Agni Vidya and the Three Boons–The First Boon
SESSION 18—Agni Vidya and the Three Boons–The Second Boon
SESSION 19—Agni Vidya and the Three Boons–The Third Boon
SESSION 20—Untying the Knots, Step–1
SESSION 21—Untying the Knots, Step–2
SESSION 22—Untying the Knots, Step–3 (Recorded on phone)
SESSION 23—Living with Sri (Recorded on phone)
SESSION 24—Practicum–1
SESSION 25—Practicum–2
SESSION 26—Practicum–3
SESSION 27—Practicum–4
SESSION 28—Practicum–5

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I prefer the USB audio to the lifetime access because I like the easy download onto my computer so I can listen where I have no internet access.


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