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Sri Yaga - Tantra of Inner Radiance and Joy: USB Audio

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Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD

Celebrate the commencement of 2021 as you immerse yourself in the experience of the highest form of tantric practice — meditation on Sri Chakra conducted in the style of right-hand tantra. This group practice is a specialty of the Himalayan Tradition and is organized to proclaim a new beginning — one that is accompanied by the energy of active peace and grounded joy. Practically speaking, this practice is for awakening our inner fire and feeding it with our karmic firewood and unwanted mental tendencies. It is for reaching our solar plexus, the center of inner strength, healing, and nourishment. It is for awakening our self-trust and self-confidence, and rising above the pervasive atmosphere of fear, uncertainty, indecisiveness, and mistrust.

While the focal point of this intensive is Sri Chakra sadhana, it builds upon the firm foundation of the practice of Rudra Yaga, the 64 Yoginis, and the mantras of Sri Sukta. This unique form of Sri Chakra meditation is what yogis have, for ages, used to shake off the inertia of their body and mind, and retain their inner resilience.

Discover why this unique practice is the call of the times-we absolutely need it, and we deserve it.

Purchase of this USB will give you unlimited access to over 15 hours of lectures from the program.

Highlights of the Practice and Study Intensive:

  • Tantric way of invoking and meditating on five altars:
    • Adi Pitham – the deepest seat of our inner intelligence-the source of revelation, inner guidance, and protection
    • Vishvedeva – the finer forces of Nature that fill our inner and outer worlds
    • 64 Yoginis – the forces manifesting in us as resilience, emotional buoyancy, courage, and discernment
    • Rudra Chakra – the chakra of the vibrant life force that destroys the nefarious tendencies of our mind
    • Sri Chakra – the chakra of Sri, the goddess of beauty, joy, and abundance
  • Ring in the New Year with a 3-hour Akhanda Japa group meditation concluding in a special prayer with Panditji
    powers inhabiting Sri Chakra and the chakra of Rudra Yaga
  • Dynamics of longevity and resilience, and the role of agni, the sacred fire
  • The power of mantra, alchemy, and tantric rituals
  • The role of breath in awakening the inner fire, and channeling it at the navel center to make an offering
  • Irrigating the vessel of the body and mind with the elixir of the sixteen mantras of Sri Sukta

Table of Contents:

SESSION 1: Sri Yaga—Discovering the Nexus of Inner Resilience & Joy in our Body and Mind
SESSION 2: Guided Yoga Practice with Shari Friedrichsen- Asana, Pranayama, Relaxation
SESSION 3: Accessing the World of Yoga Maya—Presiding Force of Both Chaos and Stability
SESSION 4: Guided Yoga Practice with Greg Capitolo- Asana, Pranayama, Relaxation
SESSION 5: Tapping Into the Source of Inner Guidance and Willpower
SESSION 6: Integration and Assimilation Q & A Session #1- With Pandit Rajmani Tigunait and Ishan Tigunait
SESSION 7: Tapping into the Source of Inner Protection and Healing
SESSION 8: Guided Yoga Practice with Sandra Anderson- Asana, Pranayama, Relaxation
SESSION 9: Sri Chakra—The Nexus of Inner Prosperity and Joy
SESSION 10: Integration and Assimilation Q & A Session #2- With Pandit Rajmani Tigunait and Ishan Tigunait
SESSION 11: The Heart of Sri Yaga—The 15 Mantras of Sri Sukta
SESSION 12: Integrating Sri Yaga Into Our Daily Life

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Lorraine R.


Please, please, please bring the USB’s back. They are so convenient and eliminate the use of data on my phone. I listen to the lectures wherever I am and really appreciate them.


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