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Quick Tips for Balanced Living

Essays from Yoga International magazine.

A Collection of Little Essays That Can Make a Big, Big Difference. Learn simple but effective stress-reduction techniques, time-tested yoga postures, and breathing exercises from this selection of engaging stories from Yoga International magazine. These essays provide quick and easy relaxation techniques for better living.

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Publisher: Himalayan Institute
Copyright: 2005
ISBN: 978-0893892432
95 pages
5.5" x 7" 

Health / Yoga

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Got 10 minutes to refresh your spirit?

In the midst of your busy, stressful day, you're invited to carve out a little oasis of peace. Ah, bliss! No matter how impossible taking a mini-vacation everyday may sound, you can do it. The essays in this book-- lifted straight from the pages of Yoga International magazine -- will help. Resolve to read one everyday and consider incorporating it into your routine. You'll appreciate the quick, simple, and sometimes surprising advice found in this anthology.

  • Unwind daily with the crocodile pose
  • Be an early riser
  • Try out a Neti Pot

These are just a few of the suggestions! It's a treasure trove of stress-reduction practices, time-tested yoga postures, energy-boosting breathing exercises, and common-sense ideas for transforming your bad habits into healthy ones. Read this book to discover what the authors already know: a few minutes a day can change your life forever!

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