NamasTea Black (225g Bag)


  • Premium single-estate Broken Orange Pekoe fannings
  • Biotre bag material is 60% wood pulp and biodegradable
  • Sugarcane label on back that is 100% compostable
  • Air tight re-sealable lined bag for maintaining freshness
  • Ethically grown, produced, and traded
  • Optimal-size leaf cut which makes the perfect cup of chai

We are proud to introduce one of the finest teas available - NamasTea. All tea varieties originate from the same plant - camellia sinensis. What makes various types of tea differ are three major factors: where the tea is grown, what time of the year the tea was collected, and how the tea leaf is processed after being harvested.

NamasTea Black Tea is a Single-Estate Tea grown in southern India in the Nilgiri, or Blue Mountains, where our award-winning grower has been cultivating and growing this product for over 125 years. Unlike blended tea, Single-Estate Tea originates from one tea plantation highly regarded for its impeccable quality and is never blended or cut with less expensive or lower grade tea. Our grower is a Grade A member of the Ethical Tea Partnership and provides free medical services to all of their employees and has three elementary schools on their estates that provide nutritional meals for the children attending school during the day.

NamasTea is grown using environmentally friendly and sustainable practices:

  • Without using chemical pesticides, fungicides, and synthetic fertilizers
  • Natural earth friendly pest control
  • Natural rainwater, soil, and conservation measures
  • Adhering to the highest international standards for growing premium quality tea

NamasTea is regularly subjected to rigorous professional tea tasting to ensure a high standard of quality assurance. All tea is graded by the quality and size of the leaf and fannings are more concentrated due to the smaller particle size which tend to yield a more robust cup of tea. Regionally speaking, tea grown in the Nilgiri Mountains is brisk and bold with a medium body which is why NamasTea makes such a perfect cup of chai.

Free chai recipe on back label.

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  • NamasTea Black (225g Bag)
  • NamasTea Black (225g Bag)

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