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Living Tantra All Access Binder

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What is Living Tantra?

Invest in your personal practice. These six seminars offer a perfect blend of intellectual and experiential learning. They will complete your study of yoga, ayurveda, and other paradigms of health and healing and empower you to create the material and spiritual prosperity you are seeking.

Supporting Practices
Chapter 1 – Seven Mini-Lectures
Chapter 2 – General Supporting Practices
Other Supporting Practices

Six-part Living Tantra Series Overview
Part 1 Tantric Tradition and Techniques
Part 2 Secret of Tantric Rituals
Part 3 Forbidden Tantra
Part 4 Tantra and Kundalini
Part 5 Tantra and the Lotus of the Heart
Part 6 Sri Vidya—The Embodiment of Tantra

Regular Price $699.00 Sale Price $899.00

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