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Happiness Is Your Creation

Swami Rama
compiled by Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD

An inspiring collection of Swami Rama's teachings on finding and keeping happiness. This clearly written and insightful book contains the inspirational teachings of Swami Rama on how to find and keep happiness in daily life. These passages identify the causes of unhappiness and provide direction in how to keep centered and joyful. Learn the art of yama--self regulation and self-observation. Reap the benefits of meditation--relaxation, focus, increased, and so much more. And, discover the elements of a conscious mind--manas (mind), ahamkara (ego), and buddhi (intellect).

"Let me tell you clearly that you will be the happiest person on the planet when you know who you are, where you have come from, your purpose for being here, and where you will go when you leave this world"
-Swami Rama

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Publisher: Himalayan Institute
Copyright: 2005
ISBN: 978-0-893892463
115 pages
5.5" x 8.5" 

Spirituality / Inspiration

About the Author

One of the greatest adepts, teachers, writers, and humanitarians of the 20th century, Swami Rama (1925-1996) is the founder of the Himalayan Institute. Born in Northern India, he was raised from early childhood by the Himalayan sage, Bengali Baba. He traveled from monastery to monastery and studied with a variety of Himalayan saints and sages. Swami Rama also received higher education in both India and Europe. From 1949 to 1952, he held the prestigious position of Shankaracharya in South India. He then returned to his master to receive further training at his cave monastery. In 1969 he came to the United States. His best known work, Living With the Himalayan Masters, reveals the many facets of this singular adept and demonstrates his embodiment of the living tradition of the East.

More on Happiness is Your Creation

When Swami Rama lay on his deathbed, he spoke the following words to the author of this book: "You are a creation of God, but happiness is your creation. You are equipped with everything you need to live a happy life. Your only job is to discover the source of happiness within and infuse your surroundings with that inner happiness." On the pages within, Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, Ph.D., delves deeper into this insight and other lessons he learned from his master.

How do you start down the path to happiness? In Happiness Is Your Creation, the tools needed to accomplish this feat are outlined in clear, understandable language. You will learn that the mind is the source of all misery and happiness. It provides both bondage and liberation. But before you can free your mind, you must master your body. Tigunait offers a wealth of brilliant insights on how mind and body work together and what you can do to ensure that the two aspects support and nurture each other.

"The mind stands between this world and ourselves and God," writes the author. "If the mind is clear, stable, friendly, honest, and well-intentioned, then we gain a true understanding of the world and a true understanding of the reality within us...A spontaneous and long-lasting process of transformation within and without will emerge. The perennial joy that springs from the core of our being will begin to nourish all aspects of our existence."


"Practitioners of New Age and Eastern spirituality will surely appreciate Swami Rama's insights . . . Any reader looking to be moved to greater holiness, compassion, and humility will find ample fodder for reflection."
-Melanie Seibert, Foreword Magazine

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