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Exercises for Joints & Glands (Digital Download)

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Therapeutic Yoga Exercises Taught by Yogic Master, Swami Rama

Liberating the body through yoga asana is a systematic journey that unfolds its fruits through a patient and dedicated practice. The gentle exercises taught in this yoga digital download are among some of the first yoga techniques taught by Swami Rama, and are designed to help you regain the flexibility, range of motion, and vitality experienced in youth. These accessible yoga practices are perfect for anyone beginning yoga, seniors, people with limited mobility, and individuals looking for a gentle yoga practice in preparation for hatha yoga. These simple and pleasant stretching exercises can be enjoyed by everyone—no matter age, skill, flexibility, or mobility range.

Exercises for Joints & Glands digital download can help to:

  • Improve overall flexibility
  • Increase circulation throughout the body
  • Restore natural vitality
  • Improve posture and balance
  • Rejuvenate body and mind with guided relaxation

Each lesson in this digital download is comprehensive, and includes the following sequencing:

  • Seated Yoga Exercises
  • Standing Yoga Exercises
  • Hands and Knee Exercises
  • Floor Exercises
  • Systematic Relaxation

Sequence 1 - Narrated by Carrie Demers, MD (32:07 minutes)
Sequence 2 - Narrated by Sandra Anderson (56:45 minutes)


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About the Narrators

Sandra Anderson is a nationally recognized author and yoga teacher how was initiated into the Sri Vidya Himalayan tradition in 1988. The foundation of her knowledge stems from 20+ years of study and practice under the guidance of Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD. To find additional content from Sandra, you can visit the Himalayan Institute’s Wisdom Library or read her e-book, The Breath of Life—The Prana Vayus.

Carrie Demers, MD, is a board certified doctor in international medicine and a nationally recognized holistic physician. After receiving her medical degree from the University of Cincinnati, Dr. Demers committed herself to studying massage, homeopathy, nutrition, herbal medicine, yoga, and ayurveda. Her ability to blend modern medicine with traditional approaches to health has made her widely recognized by numerous magazines, newspapers, and holistic/ayurveda organizations. Read Dr. Demers’ articles on vibrant living in the Vibrant Health Blog of the Himalayan Institute Wisdom Library.

Praise for the digital download

Even if you have never practiced any form of yoga, you will learn to bend and stretch and align your body without complex and difficult poses.

- Alternatives Magazine

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