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Flying Monkeys, Floating Stones

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Wisdom Tales from the Ramayana for Modern Yogis

Zo Newell, PhD

Through art and asana, Zo Newell brings to life the ancient mythical stories of the Ramayana, the epic narrative of Rama and Sita, and reveals how the lessons in these stories can enhance and deepen our spiritual journey.

Drawing from her own experience as an accomplished yoga practitioner and religious scholar, Zo Newell incorporates rich imagery, selected asanas, and journaling and reflection tips to enliven our yoga practice and help us gain access to the hidden aspects of ourselves that can guide us to healing and wholeness.

"I invite the reader to approach the stories and their characters as symbols for the practice of yoga: Sita is the intelligence "kidnapped" by Ravana (the ego), and she must be reunited with Rama (the Self) in meditation through the actions of Hanuman and the animal army (asana and pranayama practice). But let us remember, symbols are living things—the outward, visible signs of an inner, dynamic process. By marrying the stories and symbols to specific asanas, and by engaging with the stories through writing and imagination, I hope they will become as real for you as they have become for me."

— Zo Newell, author

About the Author

Zo Newell, PhD, is the author of Downward Dogs & Warriors: Wisdom Tales for Modern Yogis, which explores stories through art and asana. She has been an ardent yoga practitioner from the age of fourteen, when she first met Sri Brahmananda Sarasvati (Rammurti Mishra), a master storyteller and spiritual teacher. Zo earned a doctorate in religious studies from Vanderbilt University and an MTS from Harvard Divinity School. She lives in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, with her husband.

Product Details

Publisher: Himalayan Institute
Copyright: 2022
ISBN: 978-0-89389-283-8
127 pages, 30-Color descriptive photos
6" x 9"

Yoga / Mythology

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