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Breath Pillow

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by The Himalayan Institute

Enhance your breathing practice with the Himalayan Institute Breath Pillow. This product is used in breath training practices for strengthening the diaphragm in order to support optimal diaphragmatic breathing. The Breath Pillow is an essential tool used in many Himalayan Institute teacher training and meditation programs. Weighing in at approximately 10 pounds, this pillow has a unique dome shape that fits comfortably underneath the rib cage and on the abdomen. Students can place the breath pillow on the abdomen while lying in corpse pose and practice breathing into its resistance to gently train the breath over time to be deeper, smoother, and more continuous. Most students find this practice to be deeply grounding and relaxing, and enjoy using it on a daily basis for 5–10 minutes at a time. Optimal diaphragmatic breathing supports and balances the nervous system and serves as an excellent foundation for your asana and pranayama practice, and your life!

Regular Price $79.95

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