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You and Me

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Susan Verde

You and Me is a loving tribute to how fate brought two best friends together. An adorable cat muses about the what-ifs in life: What if he had slept late that one special morning? What if he’d missed his train on that fateful day? Then he might never have met his favorite person in the world, and his entire life would be different! Two friends delight in the incredible power of serendipity in this charming tale.

Product Details

Publisher: Abrams Books
Copyright: 2015
ISBN: 978-1419711978
32 pages
8.2" x 8.5"

About The Author 

Susan was born a storyteller. As a young New Yorker, growing up in a brownstone in Greenwich Village with her brother Michael, she kept a piece of chalk in her pocket (for spontaneous hopscotch) and her skate key around her neck, ready for the next adventure. Her story brought her out east to the sea, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and a Master’s in reading remediation and become an elementary school teacher at a school in Bridgehampton, New York. After being an elementary teacher for several years, she then became a certified kids yoga instructor and children’s book author. Her stories inspire children to celebrate their own, unique stories and journey. Her writing also inspires adults to let their inner child out dream of infinite possibilities… and maybe come out for a spontaneous game of hopscotch every now and then.

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