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The Language of Ayurveda

Nicolai Bachmann, MA

Finally, an audio-visual reference on Sanskrit verses and terms used in Ayurveda!


  • comprehensive
    • draws from the numerous original Ayurvedic texts
    • covers the vast majority of vocabulary used by Ayurvedic practitioners in the West
    • chants of invocations as well as verses from original Ayurvedic texts
  • audio and visual components reinforce each other
  • serves as a teaching guide and reference manual

Book (144 pages spiral-bound)

  • convenient 8" x 6 1/2" size
  • 8 common chants of invocation, 15 verses on Ayurveda
  • over 850 Sanskrit terms
  • Appendices include reference tables on VPK, dhatus, tastes and more
  • shows the original Devanagari Sanskrit script, transliteration and translation for everything
  • two ways to quickly find a word using the indices
    • locate by Sanskrit name using the Sanskrit Index
    • locate by the English translation using the English Index
  • Easily accessible Sanskrit Pronunciation Key in the back of the book
  • Complete bibliography

144 pg spiral-bound book
2 CDs (81 tracks total)

About the Author

Nicolai Bachman, MA, RYT has been teaching Sanskrit and related topics since 1994. He has studied at the American Sanskrit Institute, graduated from the Ayurvedic Institute, and received his M.A. in Eastern Philosophy from St. John's College. He has produced several Sanskrit audio/visual-learning tools including 108 Sanskrit Flash Cards, Asana Names, and the Language of Yoga. Nicolai currently teaches Sanskrit, Chanting, Yoga Philosophy and Ayurveda in Santa Fe and throughout the country - wherever there are eager and interested students. He is registered with Yoga Alliance at the 500-hour level.

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