The Himalayan Masters: The Force Behind the Yoga Sutra Audio Download

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In this seminar, we’ll map the DNA of the yoga tradition and techniques and discover the roots of our practice. Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra constitutes the essential body of all yoga schools, and this seminal text is comprised of the practices and experiences of the masters who came before Patanjali (2nd century BCE). This seminar is designed to enhance our understanding of our practice regardless of our current affiliation with a particular school or style of yoga, and to elevate our aspirations to become better and more enlightened yogis. Following are some of the topics we’ll cover in this seminar:

  • The masters and their tradition and techniques that funded the establishment of yoga and the Yoga Sutra
  • Select masters who came before Patanjali
  • Select masters who came after Patanjali and contributed to the continuous growth of yoga
  • The outstanding masters of the lineage, whose teachings and experiences are a beacon of light to all of us:
  •  Kapila, the master of jnana yoga
  •  Narada, the master of bhakti yoga
  •  Parashurama, the master of shakti sadhana/tantra yoga
  •  Krishna, the master of karma yoga
  •  Patanjali, the master of dhyana yoga
  •  Gorakhnatha, the master of hatha yoga and kundalini yoga

Discover how the Yoga Sutra embodies the essence of these masters, and much, much more.

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