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The Happiness Revolution

Creating Balance and Harmony in Your Life
Blair Lewis, PAC

For executives, baby-boomers and spiritual seekers, this may be the first real guidebook on happiness and rejuvenation for the 21st century. Trained by yogis, pandits and swamis for over 30 years, Blair takes us on a journey with his patients and teachers to find a lifestyle and personal philosophy for lasting happiness.

Blair helps us see how our lifestyle contains all the elements for happiness, success and optimal health. He gives us the framework and the strategies to assemble all the parts and make life work for us. Using ancient wisdom, modern science and his 25 years of clinical expertise, Blair teaches us how to live a great life. Punctuated with heart-warming and comical stories of the lives of his patients and family, he makes his point clearly and poignantly.

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Publisher: Alive and Healthy Institute and Himalayan Institute
Copyright: 2007
ISBN: 978-0-978956608
372 pages
6" x 9"

Yoga / Health and Wellness

About the Author

Blair Lewis, PAC, has been practicing homeopathy and Ayurveda for over 30 years. As a physician assistant and author, Blair teaches holistic health and the yoga sciences. His latest books are: The Happiness Revolution and Happiness: The Real Medicine and How It Works. He is the Spiritual Director and Founder of the Alive and Healthy Institute of Dallas and co-founder of the Blue Sky Educational Foundation of Wisconsin -- two non-profit organizations. Blair travels frequently to India and Africa to teach and to advance his own studies in Ayurveda, tantra and yoga science under the guidance of Pandit Tigunait, PhD, the Spiritual Head of the Himalayan Institute.

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Blair's no nonsense approach is real and at times, shocking, on how he helps restructure his patients lives with his words, his recipes and his vast experience. This is a how-to manual on building self-esteem, gaining personal empowerment and the science of self-transformation. His recipes are delicious, his exercises are practical and his philosophy is easy to embrace. He shares with his readers the most refined and perfected strategies for time management, dynamic rest and rejuvenation. From menu planning to homeopathic medicines, from contemplation and meditation, to addressing global warming, Blair takes us into his heart and into the lives of his patients to show us how our life can be grand and our health can exceed 'optimal' as we know it.

Never giving up on his patients nor his own personal evolution to joy, Lewis is leading the charge for the next revolution with wit, wisdom and a philosophy that loves all and excludes none. It is time for a Happiness Revolution!

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