Stand Up - The Householders (CD)

The Householders


The Householders weave hip-hop, electronica, and traditional chanting into a unique synthesis of dance and devotion.

After meeting at a yoga ashram in northeast PA, the Householders’ members felt inspired to combine their diverse musical backgrounds and offer a contemporary portrait of what devotional music means to them in the 21st century.

Steeped in an ancient yoga lineage, The Householders create a sonic tapestry that is both relevant in our times yet rooted in the wisdom of a timeless tradition; a ruthlessly honest and disarming real expression of what it means to be a spiritual seeker in the twenty-first century.

With backgrounds in jazz, house, hip-hop, electronica and devotional Indian music, the Householders have one foot firmly planted in the East while the other is most definitely kicking up a storm in the West, bringing the Deities to the Dance floor.

Meet The Householders (from left to right): Nema Nyar – Vocals, Harmonium; Phil Petrie – Programming/keyboards, electric guitar, vocals, percussion; Zach Ketterhagen – Hiphop flows, backing vocals; Jaylen Green – Vocals; and David Goddard – Programming/keyboards, classical and electric guitar, backing vocals, percussion

Stand Up

Gaiye Gana Pati 4:04

Namaste Nation 4:46

Everything 3:21

Shining Star 4:24

Stand Up 5:50

Kahat Kabir 1:08

Tantric 5:06

Mukunda Madhava 7:03

Samba Sada Shiva (Householders Remix) 4:52

Namaste Nation (Unplugged) 5:11


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