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Sri Vidya: In-Depth Study of the Yoga Sutra Audio Download

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By purchasing these audio downloads you will receive a recording of the entire program. Listen to these recordings on your favorite device and refer to the program at your leisure in the future. This downloadable product is only available for the next week to students who attended the event in person. Please practice yoga and do not share this webpage or these files with anyone. 


Unlike the Master Course, in this seminar we’ll study the text sutra by sutra. We’ll pay special attention to the sutras that serve as a gateway to the core experiences unique to Tantra and Sri Vidya. This study will enable us to understand how exactly the Yoga Sutra and the practices described in it can lead us to an understanding of our one and only one goal—inner fulfillment and ultimate freedom, which comes by experiencing our self-luminous essential nature.

In this seminar, although our focus will be on the Samadhi Pada, I’ll draw upon the sutras from the other three padas (chapters) and embellish the sutras by delving into contents locked away in scriptures like Saundarya-lahari, Shiva SutraParashurama Kalpa Sutra, and Sri Vidyarnava. We’ll study the sutras at a comfortable pace, making sure that the fundamentals are clear and that the practical applications of the sutras are well understood. 

Regular Price $50.00

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