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Pure Yoga

Tony Rodriguez and Dr. Kanshi Ram

Pure Yoga is a book about yoga and the question of boundaries, the constant talk about the various yogas, is to a very large extent, an artificial one, mind-created. Translators and commentators have constantly and shortsightedly referred to the Gheranda Samhita as a Hatha-Yoga classic. Normally presented as the most basic and material of all yogas, it is understood quite literally by all sorts of authorities and grossly interpreted by guru and disciple alike. Such teachings, when partially grasped and separated from the whole, constitute a poor caricature of the Sacred Science. Such reflections have prompted the author to reveal, for the first time, many of the inner or spiritual aspects of this Pure Yoga treatise. Hence the present work, which is much more than just Hatha-Yoga teachings, as popularly and most improperly understood. Though whole and eternal, Yoga is constantly being lost; it is also constantly being found. Wise indeed is he who finds it.

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Publisher: Yoga Publications Trust 
Copyright: 1997
ISBN: 8120815084
189 pages
5.5" x 8.4"

About the Author:

Tony Rodriguez, is a linguist and a keen student of the Ancient Wisdom--particularly the eastern tradition. He has lectured on Yoga/Vedanta/Mysticism/Meditation/Theosophy and various other allied subjects. One of his concerns is the rediscovery, preservation and transmission of the true yogic tradition.

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