Exercises for Joints & Glands (DVD)

as taught by Swami Rama

Sequence 1 - Narrated by Carrie Demers, MD (32:07 minutes)
Sequence 2 - Narrated by Sandra Anderson (56:45 minutes)
Format: DVD Video (NTSC)


Tread the path systematically. Practice faithfully and let your life unfold in its own time.
- Swami Rama

Regain the flexibility, range of motion, and vitality that you once took for granted and feel stress melt away while discovering how to make your body feel better. These exercises are among the first techniques taught by Swami Rama - perfect for everyone interested in improved health. Two routines are ideal those looking for a gentle practice, perfect for seniors, those with limited physical mobility, or as preparation for hatha yoga.

The simple movements:

  • Improve overall flexibility
  • Increase circulation throughout the body
  • Restore natural vitality
  • Improve posture and balance
  • Rejuvenate body and mind with guided relaxation

Each sequence includes

Seated Exercises • Standing Exercises • Hands and Knees Exercises

Floor Exercises • Systematic Relaxation

About the Narrators

Initiated into the Himalayan tradition in 1988, author and teacher Sandra Anderson draws on traditional yoga texts and 20 years of study and practice under the guidance of Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, PhD. She teaches all aspects of yoga nationally, trains teachers, and instructs programs at the Himalayan Institute where she lives. Sandra holds a degree in geology and began her studies in yoga while working throughout the west as an environmental groundwater geologist. View her videos on pranayama and other practices online, and her e-book, The Breath of Life—The Prana Vayus, and articles on pilgrimage, prayer, and more.

Board-certified in internal medicine, Carrie Demers, MD, is a holistic physician who blends modern medicine with traditional approaches to health. After receiving her medical degree from the University of Cincinnati, Dr. Demers went on to study massage, homeopathy, nutrition, herbal medicine, yoga, and ayurveda. She has been the Director of the Himalayan Institute Total Health Center for the last 16 years. Widely recognized for her expertise, Dr. Demers has been interviewed by numerous magazines and newspapers and lectures nationally on holistic health and ayurveda. She is a frequent contributor to Yoga International.

Praise for the book

Even if you have never practiced any form of yoga, you will learn to bend and stretch and align your body without complex and difficult poses.

- Alternatives Magazine

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