Cogni Veda

Cogni Veda
World’s First Ayurvedic Nootropic Brain Nourishment

This multi-benefit elixir addresses and supports cognitive function, memory, stress reduction, anxiety and oxidative stress factors as well as assists with achieving better mood and positive thinking. This ground breaking functional food elixir is the first and only combination of the key bio-molecules (which are structurally identical to those found in brain cell membranes) and contains the most powerful brain nutrients in the nutritional industry today. Treat your brain to the most complete brain nutritional product on the planet, because your brain is precious and indispensable! Our Slogan is: AyurBright® Brain Energizer “Feel Bright, Live Brighter” *


ॐ Helps regulate heartbeat, reduce blood pressure, decrease blood clot formation and reduce overall inflammation *
ॐ Boost circulation to your brain for improved memory and thinking. *
ॐ Acts as a ‘fertilizer’ to synapses. The more synapses a neuron has the greater its information-capability. *
ॐ Cerebral Cortex stimulation and improved clarity of thought. *
ॐ Stimulates the growth of neurites in the brain. *
ॐ May promote an elevated mood*


*Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Directions for use: Shake well, start with 1 Teaspoon dosage any time of day, in the morning as a coffee replacement, or a mid-day “energy replenisher” or evening time “add a little sparkle”. Also, appropriate for relaxation and meditation, creative spark and focus/clarity/concentration.


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