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Chakras poster with reference sheet

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Nicolai Bachmann, MA

The Chakras Poster is a vivid representation of the seven chakras in a 24” x 30" full-color poster.

The characteristics of the chakras are graphically rendered according to the Shat Chakra Nirupana, an ancient Sanskrit text specifying:

  • The outer lotus petal color
  • Sanskrit syllable and colors of each chakra
  • Elemental shape (yantra), color, Sanskrit syllable, and syllable color of each chakra
  • Other miscellaneous characteristics

This poster also shows the three primary energy channels (sushumna, ida, pingala) in their appropriate colors.

On the left side of each chakra is the:

  • Chakra name in transliteration
  • Chakra name in the original Sanskrit script
  • English translation of the chakra name
  • Anatomical location of the chakra

On the right side of each chakra is the:

  • Primary sounds of the chakra (the transliteration of the Sanskrit syllable shown in the center of the chakra)
  • Secondary sounds of the chakra (the transliteration of the Sanskrit syllables shown inside each petal of the lotus)

The Chakra Poster comes with a 2-sided description sheet which explains the aspects of the chakras on the chart, provides ways of using the chart in your practice, and has specific references to the Sanskrit verses that describe each chakra.

About the Author

Nicolai Bachman, MA, RYT, is a graduate of the American Sanskrit Institute and received his M.A. in Eastern Philosophy from St. John's College. Bachman has been teaching Sanskrit and yogic philosophy since 1994. Over his extensive career as a teacher he has produced several Sanskrit audio/visual learning tools, including “108 Sanskrit Flash Cards,” “Asana Names,” and “The Language of Yoga.” He currently teaches Sanskrit, Chanting, Yoga Philosophy, and Ayurveda in Santa Fe and in workshops throughout the country.

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