Klesha Bracelet

The Klesha Bracelet is a tool recommended for deepening your awareness in the upcoming 7-Day Self-Discovery Challenge: Overcoming the 5 Universal Obstacles, with Yoga International and Amy Pearce-Hayden this January 1-7, 2015. Learn more about the challenge and sign up here. Participation in the challenge is free!

100% of the proceeds from the sale of the Klesha Bracelet support the Himalayan Institute's Total Health Revolution Challenge, a fundraiser to bring healthcare and educations to thousands in Cameroon, West Africa.


Get Your Studio and Community Involved! 

Habits and obstacles are easier to overcome in numbers! In addition to joining thousands of Yoga International members, get your community involved. Choose the 10 or 50-pack and get your friends, students, and community to join you. 


When Will My Klesha Bracelet Be Delivered?

The bracelets will ship by December 15th to arrive prior to the start of the challenge. If you purchase a bracelet after December 15th, we will ship out on a daily basis but cannot guarantee that your bracelet will arrive in time.


Do I Have to Purchase the Klesha Bracelet to Join the 7-Day Challenge?

The Klesha Bracelet is not required to participate in the 7-day challenge. The challenge is free to everyone! 

  • Klesha Bracelet

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